More Bad Legislation

Here's what you need to know this week:

Here's the good news: we're almost halfway through legislative session. The bad news? We've got a lot of anti-worker legislation moving forward. Here are just some of the bad bills we have our eyes on:

·         House Bill (HB) 1/ Senate Bill (SB) 804: Puts anti-union propaganda on all dues authorization cards, requires that employers follow up with employees after they sign cards before they go into effect, and requires that all members re-sign cards on an annual basis

·         HB 305/ SB 1126: Preempts (overrides and nullifies) all local ordinances relating to conditions of employment. Vast and vague preemption bill that is so broadly written, its exact effects are unclear and most likely extremely far-reaching. This could scrap much of the work done locally, including apprenticeship ordinances and wage theft protections.

·         HB 1161/ SB 890: Requires that municipalities accept occupational licenses from other jurisdictions, regardless of the local requirements for obtaining that license. This allows those seeking to obtain a license to go where the lowest standards are, obtain a license, then perform work in places with high standards.

·         HB 3/ SB 1336: Preempts all local occupational licensing and prevents local governments from establishing licensing requirements

We're doing everything we can to stop this. One of the the best ways to do this is through the Working Families Lobby Corps (WFLC). Each legislative session, the Florida AFL-CIO's WFLC Program ensures that we fill the halls of the legislature to hold our elected officials accountable. Participants sign up for week-long increments in which they will travel to Tallahassee, receive training, and go on to the capitol where they let the voice of Florida's working families be heard. Many locals have already signed up activists, but we still need members to make their voices heard. You can find the sign-up by clicking HERE (individuals interested in participation should first work with their local union).

Here's what's coming up:

- On Monday (2/10), our Manasota meeting will take place at 6:30 PM at our NEW LOCATION at the Asolo Annex (5333 Tamiami Trail, Sarasota), and it serves as an avenue for all union activists in Manatee, Sarasota, and DeSoto Counties to get involved with the CLC. If you live in the area, come out and join us!

Keep in Mind:

Just because you can't make it to Tallahassee, doesn't mean you can't be a part of the legislative program. We're in the process of scheduling district office visits and call teams at the local level as early as next week. Let us know if you'd like to be a part of them! Remember, you can always take five minutes to call your representatives and senators and put your opinion of this legislation on the record. If you're not sure of who your legislators are, or you just need their contact information, you can get that by clicking here.

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In Solidarity,

West Central Florida Labor Council

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