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Florida Legislation

The Florida Legislature is arguably the most consistently impactful place where change, both favorable and unfavorable, for working families takes place. During the first several months of each year, our state representatives and senators meet in Tallahassee to debate policy and pass laws that have wide ranging impacts on workers from all walks of life throughout Florida. We elect them to represent us, and we need to hold them accountable by being informed and present in the process. We do this via the Working Families Lobby Corps program, in which unions across Florida send members to Tallahassee to learn about the process and advocate for working families in their communities. This program ensures that we are ALWAYS present when and where change happens. Through this program, we've been able to pull off major wins and fight off bad legislation that would hurt workers in our communities and around our state.

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National Legislation

We see national politics on the news nearly every day, and for good reason. Who we elect to represent us in Congress matters for working families in every corner of the United States. In West Central Florida, we're proud to work with the Florida AFL-CIO and the National AFL-CIO to advocate for legislative and executive change that will protect and expand the rights and conditions of workers and their unions everywhere. We'll provide updates on current issues and campaigns as they arise, but it's important that everyone take the time to know their congressperson and US Senators, which you can do using the links below:

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